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We offer demos on the following products:

  • HPE RECORD MANAGER -  an EDRMS solution that helps organisation’s manage regulatory compliance requirements and mandates. All critical information is securely managed according to policy, from documents creation through to its disposal.
    *Recommended for a minimum of 50 users

As well as our entire Green Doc Technologies product offering. These three products together provide a total end-to-end solution, but can be demonstrated separately.

  • GREENBOX - The GreenBox functionality can be used for the verification of an individual as required by various Acts such as FICA and RICA during any enrolment or registration process. The greenbox document scanning functionality generates digital records of supporting documentation, eliminating the need to make photocopies.

  • GREENFORM - Another originally designed and developed product by Meniko Is GreenForm, created to reduce the amount of paperwork an office generates and limiting the need to store this excess paperwork leading to unnecessary and easily avoidable costs.

  • GREENSTORE - GreenStore is an ECM Solution that securely stores and manages all documents, data & electronic content an organisation receives or generates. GreenStore works together with both GreenBox and GreenForm as a solution that manages paper and electronically generated content from “cradle to grave” in a secure yet easy accessible environment.